New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi / Islamabad


New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi / Islamabad

New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi / Islamabad  (NPTTC) is well known Technical Institute in the Punjab, Azad Kashmir and KPK (Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah Province).

NPTTC want to contribute towards nation building through skill development in order to reduce unemployment and to promote national integration for a developed Pakistan.

The goal of NPTTC is to provide education and training in all latest technologies. We would train well educated and less educated young generation so that they become active part of society and live a respectable life. New Pak Technical Training Centre (NPTTC) always keep an eye on needs of industry in Pakistan and Gulf countries and starts new courses and training events.


New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi / Islamabad  provides quality, affordable academic and technical programs leading to Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates in an environment fostering excellence in teaching and learning. The College prepares graduates with knowledge and skills for transfer to senior colleges and universities and for careers in computer technology, industrial technology, engineering technology, occupational technology.

NPTTC serves as an effective partner in the economic and human resource development. In support of its educational programs and services NPTTC offers comprehensive student development services to all who seek to better their lives through technical education. In an atmosphere of shared values, the College encourages creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness among its students, faculty, staff, and administrators. With a commitment to excellence, the New Pak Technical Training Centre creates a positive, student-centered environment. The College empowers individuals by enabling them to learn and to develop throughout their lifetimes.

New Pak Technical Training Centre is serving the humanity with latest technical education. The students who have got the education from this institute are working in different countries. They are earning handsome amount by serving others with their technical skills. It is not only a respectable field but also a well-paid field.

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New Pak Technical Training Centre has been serving technical field since 1994. After the break through in Technical field, we are going to establish New Pak academy and will launch it on 10th December. Our curriculum encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts. We also encourage analytical thought and boost your reasoning skills.




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