New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi / Islamabad  also offers the training course of professional carpentering. The course starts from the basics woodworking to combination of other supplemented trades, covering carpentry works for building foundation, to framing, to walls, up to the roof and everything else inside.

The Trainees are taught courses ranging from basic arithmetic, conversion of units from English to metric and vice versa, understanding fractions and angles, taking measurements, safety in the workplace, reading of schematics and drawings, employment practices, and working with chemicals among others. In the measurements, trainees are taught how to quantify with flexible and rigid rules and tapes, get the perimeter of rooms and objects, know its area, calculating for circumferences, and others.

Courses on the many types of tools are discussed such as the power tools as well as manual tools since a carpenter would require the use of these types on a single project. How to maintain them are taught as well. The electric drilling instrument is most used power tool in carpentry. It is used to make holes in masonry, concrete, and wood. The electric grinder is used for shaping and finishing.

During carpentry training courses, trainees will be exposed in construction materials; types of frames and framing methods; joints and connections; wall and partition construction; roof construction; stair construction; metal works; rough carpentry as for formworks, supports, and bracings; constructing decks; making arches; doors and windows; insulation and acoustic control; beams and joists; floor construction; and architectural finishing, moldings, cornices, and painting.

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