Refrigeration & Air Conditioning HVAVR

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.. (HVACR)

Refrigeration or air-conditioning technicians are responsible for designing and installing units for controlling temperature, humidity and air quality. They also maintain these units.
Work involves installation and maintenance of systems in domestic, retail, office or industrial environments. Refrigeration work covers sectors such as the food production, transport, storage and distribution services and hospital medical services.

Technicians Duties
Undertaking initial surveys of proposed or existing buildings or facilities,
producing drawings and estimates, usually by computer-aided design
project work, organizing the craftspeople, materials and installation
supervising work through to completion.

In most cases technicians work as part of a team. For a major project, the team might be under the direction of a qualified engineer, but smaller projects may be supervised by technicians.

Skills & Interests
As a refrigeration or air-conditioning technician:

• Have a good knowledge of physics and chemistry.
• Be interested in electrical and electronic equipment.
• Have good math’s skills for technical calculations and costing.
• Have good spoken communication skills.
• Be able to explain technical matters in clear terms.
• Be able to read technical drawings, cabling plans and basic circuit diagrams.
• Have a polite, pleasant manner
• Have normal colour vision
• Be aware of health and safety issues.

Air-conditioning is an expanding industry worldwide. Rapid economic development overseas means there are many opportunities to work abroad.
Technicians can specialize in particular areas such as transport refrigeration and with further training, they can progress into supervisory management positions.

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