Motorcycle Mechanic Course In Rawalpindi

Motorcycle Mechanic Course in Rawalpindi

Motorcycle Mechanic Course in Rawalpindi

New Pak Technical Training Centre Course In Rawalpindi
New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi course In Rawalpindi

A motorcycle mechanic course typically covers a wide range of topics related to the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of motorcycles. The course may vary in duration and intensity depending on the educational institution or training center offering it. However, here is a general outline of topics that are commonly covered in a motorcycle mechanic course:

1. Introduction to Motorcycles:

   – Overview of different types of motorcycles

   – Understanding motorcycle components and systems

   – Motorcycle safety and shop practices

2. Tools and Equipment:

   – Identification and proper use of tools

   – Introduction to specialized motorcycle tools

   – Workshop setup and safety guidelines

3. Engine Systems:

   – Understanding two-stroke and four-stroke engines

   – Engine operation and theory

   – Engine components, including pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, and camshafts

   – Carburetion and fuel injection systems

   – Ignition systems and electrical components

4. Fuel and Exhaust Systems:

   – Fuel delivery systems and components

   – Carburetor tuning and adjustment

   – Fuel injection systems and troubleshooting

   – Exhaust system inspection and maintenance

5. Electrical Systems:

   – Basics of motorcycle electrical systems

   – Understanding wiring diagrams

   – Battery maintenance and troubleshooting

   – Charging systems and regulators

   – Lighting and ignition systems

6. Drive Train and Transmission:

   – Clutches and clutch systems

   – Transmission components and operation

   – Drive belts and chains

   – Gear shifting mechanisms

7. Suspension and Steering:

   – Forks and front suspension systems

   – Rear suspension systems

   – Wheel bearings and hubs

   – Steering head bearings and adjustments

8. Brakes:

   – Brake system components and types

   – Brake inspection, maintenance, and adjustment

   – Brake bleeding techniques

   – Troubleshooting brake issues

9. Tires and Wheels:

   – Types of motorcycle tires and their maintenance

   – Wheel inspection and maintenance

   – Wheel balancing techniques

   – Tire changing and repair procedures

10. Maintenance and Service:

    – Routine maintenance tasks and schedules

    – Fluid changes and lubrication

    – Filter replacements

    – Inspection and adjustment procedures

11. Troubleshooting and Diagnosis:

    – Identifying common motorcycle problems

    – Diagnostic techniques and tools

    – Troubleshooting electrical and mechanical issues

    – Reading and interpreting fault codes

12. Safety and Compliance:

    – Safety practices in the workshop

    – Occupational health and safety guidelines

    – Compliance with environmental regulations

    – Motorcycle roadworthiness and inspection

New Pak Technical Training Centre Course In Rawalpindi
New Pak Technical Training Centre Rawalpindi course In Rawalpindi 07

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